These are the Top 10 Reasons why you should become a constant contributor to the Fanonkombat wikia!

Number 1. This is a judge free zone. Constructive criticism is always helpful but if you come off as rude then you are judging and we don't do that here. We respect others for gaining the courage to write a piece on this site because not everyone is ready for that. Don't criticize unless you are a paid professional. If you are, I salute you for getting that monayyyy lol.

Number 2. This wikia is made for you to show your Mortal Kombat spirit. Plain and simple. You wish MK9 had a character that didn't make an appearance? Make a page and give them an X-Ray! Simple!

Number 3. You could receive help one your ideas if you get writers block. I will be here a lot of days so contact me if you need any help with a story, character, etc. Or if you want to you any other contributors characters in a story contact them first for permission so we don't have any issues concerning plagiarism and such.

Number 4. You could receive help period. I will be here a lot of days so hmu (hit me up) whenever you need a friend and I'll try may very hardest to get back to you.

Number 5. Though we are a small community, we still are a community. We help each other and give each other both positive and negative feedback to help better or work. We hope the newcomers are willing to help each other out because that's what we want this wiki to be based out of.

Number 6. We accept all. We accept all workings, drawings, anything... especially YOU.

Number 7. Troll Free. We don't troll on this site. We like to keep a positive environment and trolling will get you banned in a flash. So don't do it!

Number 8. Simplicity is our key. Not much you have to worry about in terms of rules. Just come and have fun!

Number 9. We have fun here. This isn't a monarchy-based site where you have to follow many rules which limit your ability to contribute. No you make a page and spill every last idea you have til you're juiced and the remains are A-MAZ-EENG!

Number 10. FREEDOM TO DO WHATEVER! This wikia is made for YOU so go nuts! :)

But we have one major rule...

Don't edit anyone else's work unless given permission/consent to do so. I'm not going to sugar coat it so the punishment will be severe but other than that this is a pretty chill site so be creative and spontaneous kombatants!

Any questions or comments leave then down below and I'll make sure to get back to you. Thanks for reading! :)

Venommm (talk) 23:46, September 28, 2014 (UTC)