Donald Morgan is a chcacter first appearing in Mortal Kombat:Superstar. He is the afro-brazilian bodyguard of Kano and is 7 ft 7 inches tall and weighs 347 lbs. 

X-Ray Move

  • Stingray Elbow: Donald elbows the opponent in the stomach breaking their ribcage. He then takes a few steps back and then runs at the opponent and curb stomps them in the head while they are keeled over smashing their head into the ground breaking their skull.


  • Arm Beat Down:Donald rips his opponents arm from the socket and proceeds to beat his opponent to death with the severed arm he then grins sardonically at his handy work.
  • Ribcage Ripper:Donald proceeds to brutally tear his opponents ribcage from their body and proceeds to use the bones to impale the victim in the throat.